About Me

Who Am I

Ever since I was young, I've always had a love for music.  It was that passion that drove me into DJing and nothing else.  Since I began to DJ professionally I have been able to perform for a variety of events. Gaining this experience and playing for such a wide range of people has allowed me to adapt to the situation and always put on a performance to remember.  With a wide range of music, from the 40's to today, I have the era and genre that you are looking for. As much as I enjoy what I do, I take it seriously and that is why I have developed my philosophy "Performance, Service, Experience". I take this philosophy into all my events, and I hope I can take it into yours as well!​​    

Why Choose Me

I am not some big corporation looking to charge you with all the extra add-ons.  I am in this business because I have a genuine passion for music, I enjoy being around people, and I want to provide a personal service where you know exactly which DJ you are going to get, me!  I will MC any event for free; I am there anyway right!  I do not charge extra for any of my lighting effects either; why let them sit around collecting dust!  Finally, all prices you see are what you pay.  

State of the Art Equipment

I understand that you can be a great DJ, but without quality equipment it will not get you very far.  Equipment includes:​​  

  • Wireless microphone allowing for restriction free speeches
  • 2x 1000 watt JBL speakers on stands
  • ​1x 1000 watt 18" JBL subwoofer  
  • State of the art DJ mixing board with laptop
  • 1 high powered laser light with stand  
  • 1 high powered effects light with stand
  • All necessary backup equipment for every musical scenario

Proud Member of the CDJA